The big misunderstanding of populism and demagogy


I’m a strong believer in democracy – even within companies. Logically, the wisdom of all has to lead to better results than the wisdom of just a few. If the few are smarter than the rest – they should be able to convince the rest to follow. That’s the base concept of democracy. Democracy is not lack of leadership, producing random results by whatever mood currently reigns. Quite the opposite: democracy actually needs strong leaders. But leaders who lead by personal authority based on competence and trustworthiness and not by formal authority based on greedy entitlement and power brokerage. Democracy needs leaders with voluntary followers and not people taken hostage.

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Why big companies fail to innovate «disruptively»

Ever wondered why Warner, Sony or Universal were not able to invent Spotify? Why Encyclopedia Americana or Britannica were not able to invent Wikipedia? Why Yahoo was not able to invent Google? And Google not able to invent Facebook? And Facebook not able to invent WhatsApp? Or why big taxi corporations were not able to invent Uber? And why big financial institutions will not be able to invent their future?

The most common answer is wrong

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Peter F. Drucker 2.0

It’s not about transferring Peter F. Drucker’s concepts to the future. The future is what Peter F. Drucker already meant.

The term «2.0» first became famous with «web 2.0». It was perceived as a completely new way of using the web. However in its essence web 2.0 is nothing else than the late breakthrough of the original ideas of the web. This happens likewise to the ideas, concepts and methods of Peter F. Drucker. 

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Lessons and Visions of Direct Democracy

Lot of people question the very idea of direct democracy. The dysfunction of the democratic decision making processes in the western world seems to prove them right. And to ask all people to vote on ever more complicated or delicate issues seems ill advised. To make a good case for this thinking they often hint at two decisions of the Swiss people in the recent past: the vote to curb immigration and the vote to ban minarets. Direct democracy seems to be prone to populism and group egoism. The relevant question, however, is whether there are better alternatives we know. And whether the results of direct democracy are not superior to all other models.

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Informatik Nachwuchs

Es ist mir nicht leicht gefallen, mich als erfolgreicher IT-Unternehmer zu «outen». Das Feedback darauf war auch vor allem kritisch bis negativ, z.B. «Herr Arnold, sind Sie ein Angeber?»
Warum ich es dennoch tat – und was ich damit bezwecken möchte:

Der Mangel an Fachkräften wird sich in der Informatik besonders zuspitzen. Die ganze Welt wird «informatisiert», vom Staubsauger über die Zahnbürste bis hin zum Motorradhelm. Es braucht Heerscharen von Informatikern, schon jetzt und in der Zukunft noch viel mehr.

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