Moments when hard work and plenty of luck materialise in great success are times to say thank you

A really great day for me today. Success has plenty of mothers and fathers and I feel thankful for all of them and humbled to be part of such a great venture and thrilled for the promising future journey.

Thank you all, especially
the great team at umantis and at Haufe.
My parents and my family.
My friends and colleagues.
My teachers at school, at university and in life.
Our customers and partners.
Wolfgang Schürer, Peter Schmid, Otto Ineichen, Urs Landolf, Daniel Borel, Markus Oswald, Martin Saidler, Beat Schillig, Rolf Curschellas, Manuela Nieth, Thomas Öchslin, Martin Hilb, Florian Schweizer, Jan Bomholt, Philip Schnedler, Sabrina Risch.
And last but not least: Nicole Herzog, Ghislaine Rogers, Romeo Arpagaus, Marc Stoffel, Hans Schlegel, Les Hayman, Birte Hackenjos, Joachim Rotzinger, Markus Reithwiesner, Bernhard Münster, Ute Köster, Andrea Haufe and all the many (here unnamed) people, that helped me and umantis with trust, energy, advice and compassion.

I love my job!


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